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Party Boy Sings

Party Boy SingsI Puked and Farted in the Hotel Reception, Next to the Lobby Bell-Boy 00:57
Party Boy SingsGiggly Barbeque Party with Macho Seitan Sausage Guys 00:52
Party Boy SingsFarting Comedian Sober at a Penis-Party for Dazzling Ear-Rings 01:35
Party Boy SingsFarting at the Fraternity Binge Drinking Party at College 00:48
Party Boy SingsPlay-Boy Pimp Fainting at the Hairdressers Salon 00:45
Party Boy SingsHinky Pinky Boy in Adult Diapers 01:13
Party Boy SingsStepping into a Pile of Poo with High-Heels at an 80ies Theme Party 00:57
Party Boy SingsThe Gourmet Boobs at Aisle Sixteen Are Adopted to the Shitty Cash Shelf Party 01:01
Party Boy SingsRaving Guy at EDM and Dubstep Party Gets Spam-Mail Spammed 00:35
Party Boy SingsBaby Screaming at a Joiku Party Song 00:46
Party Boy SingsFart Phenomenon at My Jet-Set Party Hot Tub with Boobies 00:55
Party Boy SingsWhistling School Teacher Wiping Lollypop Chewing-Gum from Poop 01:06
Party Boy SingsFlashing Private Parts from a Limousine and Farting with a Short Skirt 00:59
Party Boy SingsBerserk Farting Celebration Party with Roofies 01:15
Party Boy SingsChatting up a Sexy Bartender with Ruthless Farting and Tacos 00:38
Party Boy SingsNarcotic Toga Costume Party Pizza Delivery Incident 01:16
Party Boy SingsPuking Hickey Lovebites on the Butt with Smelly Farts Is Complex 00:37
Party Boy SingsA Flexible Snob Swapping Facial Expressions with Poop 00:38
Party Boy SingsAfter Foreplay I Got a Receipt and Discount Coupons for Sexy Handshakes 00:46
Party Boy SingsI Farted at the Wife-Swapping Party, Near the Toilet with the Bidet 00:48
Party Boy SingsMessy Poop Diary by Pigtailed Lipstick Poking Buttface 00:34
Party Boy SingsFancy Redneck Boobjob by a Rude Oddjobber on a Wacky Sandwich 00:37
Party Boy SingsCozy Blimp Druggie with Flatulence Licking Brandy 00:38
Party Boy SingsMessy Spunk Flashback at the Ironic Grand Premiere for Blackouts 00:58
Party Boy SingsSoap-Bubbles Popped by Pointy Nipples 00:37
Party Boy SingsSpunky Rescue-Team Spanking Hashtags on the Butt with Farts 00:36
Party Boy SingsFarting Boy Scouts Meet Girlscouts and Lose Their Compass on Jamboree 01:31
Party Boy SingsWhistling Prostate at the Limb-Party with a Tourniquet from the Escort Service 00:56
Party Boy SingsFarting Fumes in the Perfume Store with a Natural Strawberry Fragrance 00:38
Party Boy SingsCorny Horny Single-Mom Dating Troubled Bullshit, Say What? 00:57
Party Boy SingsThe Doorknob Poked My Butt While Wearing Eatable Undies 00:45
Party Boy SingsFamous Sexy Model Twerking Butt Against Sandpaper Hoping to Lose Weight 00:51
Party Boy SingsMagna Cum Laude Facial Expression and a Messy Unisex Toilet 00:46
Party Boy SingsSocial Media Butt and Boobies Pictures Leaked While Absolutely Dehydrated 00:42
Party Boy SingsPhat Booties Booty-Call Launches the Smoke Detector with Hideous Beeping 00:50
Party Boy SingsHickey on the Neck, Poop in the Pants, I Love You! 00:42
Party Boy SingsHooters, Jugs, Boobies, Breasts, Tits, Titties, Bosom and Huge Melons Song 00:43
Party Boy SingsNitwit Ninny Nincompoop and the Hypnotizing Idiotism 00:54
Party Boy SingsSpitting Rainbows over My Bosses Desk, But No Pooping on the Chair 01:26
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